Sunday 13th April Match Results

Morning all, sunshine at last but still cold winds was the order of the day. Barry Gabrial was top rod fishing from peg 9 using pole at 10 meters he managed 35lb. Second was Chris Hughes off peg 32 again using pole to weigh 18lb 2oz and finally third was Rob Palmer off peg 38 with 17lb 10oz. Don’t forget to book for our open evening match tomorrow draw at 1pm fish 2-8pm cheers all see you on the bank.P1010030

Sunday 6th April Match Results

Morning all, Sundays match at the Lake of Tranquility in Leeswood saw Jim Edwards on peg 22 lead the way with a mixed bag totalling 56lb 8oz all caught on maggot. Second spot went to Shaun Sandham with 46lb 10oz off peg 29 and finally third place went to Gary Chambers with 44lb from peg 15. DON’T FORGET OUR EVENING MATCHES KICK OF THIS TUESDAY DRAW AT 1PM FISH 2-8PM PLEASE CALL TO BOOK ON 07751 235728 OR 07767 880005 THANK YOU.

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Sunday 30th March Match Results

The sun was out the sky was blue even the fish were sun bathing at Leeswoods Lake of Tranquillity. Top rod on the day went to Shaun Sandham fishing from peg 29 using pole, waggler and the tip he topped the scales with 47lb 8oz, second placeĀ went to Kev Williams off peg 22 with 38lb 10oz using the pole, and finally third place went to Mark Boulton using the pellet waggler off peg 15 with a weight of 35lb 2oz well done to all that took part. PLEASE BOOK ON FOR OUR OPENS ON TUESDAY/THURSDAY 07751 235728 OR 07767 880005.

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Sunday 23rd March Match Results

Morning folks, is it me or does it seem that weekends the weather turns nasty on us, cold strong winds was what we had to contend with on Sunday however Ian Hayes braved a head on wind on peg 16 to net a total weight of 29lb alternating between short pole and tip, second place was Shaun Sandham with 18lb 2oz from peg 32 and finally third place went to Chris Openshaw with 15lb 10oz of silvers from peg 29. REMEMBER TO BOOK ON FOR TUESDAY/THURSDAY OPEN MATCHES 07751235728 or 07767880005 THANKS.

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