Tuesday 29th July open evening match

Good morning all, great evenings fishing at tranquillity yesterday, top rod on the day was owner Chris Openshaw using the pellet waggler off peg 33 he had all carp up to 8lb, catching steady throughout the evening he topped the scales with 107lb 12oz. Second place was Phil Iball off peg 14 using the long pole to weigh 68lb on the nose, and finally third spot went to Geoff Harston off peg 32 again using the pellet waggler to weigh 63lb 6oz well done all a great evenings fishing

Fishery Owner Chris Openshaw

Fishery Owner Chris Openshaw

Sunday 27th July cooksons bridge a/c club match

Steve Pinnington was top rod on the day with a fantastic weight off peg 3, he used long and short pole to weigh 103lb 6oz most fish falling to the worm well done Steve. Second on the day was Tony Mc loughlin off peg 22 with 55lb 6oz again all pole fish, and finally third place went to John Appleton off peg 10 with 44lb 9oz all caught on the feeder and straight bomb, well done lads good match plenty off fish caught.P1010038

Friday 25th July evening open match

Fridays match saw the return of Eno Jones, after drawing his favourite peg he didn’t disappoint weighing a mixed bag for 47lb off peg 32, second was Terry Windsor off peg 29 with 38lb 2oz all pole fish and third was Jay Brown off peg 14 with a level 30lb well done all. PLEASE BOOK ON FOR ALL OUR OPENS THANK YOU.P1010032

Thursday 24th July open match

Jon porter is the man in form at Tranquility, after winning the match on Tuesday it was a repeat performance on Thursday. Drawn on peg 15 he used the pellet wag to weigh 67lb second was Terry Windsor off peg 29 with 26lb 4oz of skimmers and barbel caught in the margins. Third place went to bill off peg 22 with a mixed bag to weigh 21lb 9ozLake of Tranquility 026

Friday 11th July evening open match

Hi all, Fridays match saw Geoff Harston take home the pennies, drawn on peg 10 Geoff used the pellet waggler to weigh 66lb 2oz of mainly carp. Second was Chris Openshaw off peg 33 again using the pellet wag to weigh 55lb 4oz, and finally third spot went to Neal Jones off peg 7 with 39lb 5oz all caught on the pole well done lads. PLEASE REMEMBER TO BOOK ON FOR ALL OUR OPENS THANKS.P1010051

Friday 4th July evening open match

morning all, Friday saw Kev Williams take home the winnings, fishing off peg 29 using pole short and long he caught steady throughout the afternoon to weigh 71lb 10oz. Second was Neal Jones off peg 22 again using pole to weigh 50lb 10oz and only 2oz behind him was Mark Boulton with 50lb 8oz off peg 14 using short pole and waggler. Only 8oz behind him was Steve Peck with 50lb off peg 10 another close match well done all.

Thursday 3rd July open match

Thursdays match saw Wayne Jones win the day off peg 32 with 25lb 8oz, second was Terry Windsor with 22lb 12oz off peg 29 and third was Ian Smith off 22 with 19lb 4oz a tough day all round but that’s fishing