Friday 27th June evening open match

Good morning all, Fridays evening match saw Eno Jones continue his recent good form with another win at tranquillity, fishing of peg 37 he used the pellet waggler to put 76lb 2oz into the net. Second place was Geoff Harston off peg 10 with 70lb 8oz again mostly on the pellet waggler which put Mark Boulton into third place with 69lb 10oz off peg 14, another close match which goes to show you can win off any peg, (great days fishing)Lake of Tranquility 032

Tuesday 24th June evening open match

Good morning all, well it was only a matter of time before the ton came out and it was Eno Jones of peg 9 who produced the goods, using the pellet waggler he had three lumps for 20lb and the rest made up of f1s for a total weight of 112lb well done Eno. Second was myself of peg 29 with a bream based 58lb 6oz all caught short on the pole using sweet corn, and finally third place went to Colin Blythin of peg 32 with a mixed catch to weigh 43lb 6oz. Well done to all a great afternoons fishing, don’t forget to book on for all our opens thank you.P1010032

Friday 13th June evening match

Hi folks, well with the carp spawning weights were expected to be on the low side for the evening match. Drawn on peg 15 Geoff Harston was top rod with mostly silvers to weigh 35lb 8oz, second was Eno Jones off peg 32 with 34lb 10oz and third was Jon Porter off peg 10 with 34lb, only 2lb between the top four weights great match well done.P1010031

Thursday 12th June open match

Hi all, Thursdays match saw Terry Windsor win the day fishing peg 34, he had a mixed bag to weigh 29lb 4oz all on pole second was Shaun Sandham on peg 22 with 18lb 4oz again all on pole. Third spot went to Steve Peck off peg 15 with 12lb, tough match for those who were hear as the fish were spawning but well done lads.P1010061