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Welcome to our home page where you find all the latest news and match results. The Lake of Tranquility is a three acre spring fed stunning, natural looking match style lake with 40 pegs located in the heart of the Flintshire countryside in Leeswood near Mold.

Nestling in the heart of the Flintshire countryside is the Lake of Tranquility.

Nestling in the heart of the Flintshire countryside is the Lake of Tranquility.

The smaller Horseshoe Lake is just that, a horseshoe shaped water, 16 metres at its widest point with the same depth features throughout and an ideal water for anglers to hone their match skills or simply spend a few action filled hours.

The Horseshoe - A 10 peg match lake with plenty to go at all day long!!

The Horseshoe – A 10 peg match lake with plenty to go at all day long!!

Whatever your angling preference you’ll find everything you’re looking for at the Lake of Tranquility so enjoy our website and come and join us for a great days fishing!!

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Friday 18th oct open match

Friday saw Geoff Harston take home the pennies and it was one of those days where the fish were more interested in sunbathing rather than feeding. Drawn on peg 12 he used pellet on the waggler to weigh 34lb 5oz, second place went to Eno Jones off peg 21 with 20lb 4oz and third was Mark Boulton (meadow foods)P1010031 off peg 18 with 20lb.

Tuesday 7th oct open match

Morning all, with temperatures dropping its time to get the thermals out. drawn on peg 7 it was Colin Blythin who won the day with 34lb 8oz all on the pole and tip with pellet on the hook, second was Geoff Harston off peg 32 with 27lb 3oz of mainly skimmers and finally third place went to Rob Palmer off peg 16 with 26lb 12oz again mainly skimmers and small carp. DONT FORGET ALL OUR OPENS ARE NOW DRAW AT 9AM FISH 10-4PM THANK YOU.Image

Friday 26th sept open evening match

Fridays match saw Eno Jones lead the way with 60lb 6oz, fishing off peg 15 he used waggler and pole to just creep ahead of Terry Windsor who was on peg 6 and weighed 60lb 4oz all pole fish. Third place went to Gareth off peg 34 with 48lb 3oz again all pole fish well done all. TIMES HAVE CHANGED AGAIN FOLKS TUES/FRI ARE NOW DRAW 11AM FISH 12-6PM PLEASE PHONE TO BOOK.P1010032

Tuesday 23rd sept open evening match

He’s done it again, drawn on peg 10 this time it was that man again Mark Boulton (meadow foods) who took home the spoils, after struggling on the pellet wag he then decided to fish the margins and never looked back weighing a total of 76lb 6oz. Second was Geoff Harston off peg 18 with 62lb 8oz and third went to Ian Hayes with 29lb 5oz off peg 14.Lake of Tranquility 020

Friday 19th sept open evening match

Morning all, Fridays match saw the best weight of the season so far and it was that man Mark Boulton (meadow foods) again. Drawn on peg 18 he used the margins to his advantage to put the net under 118lb 10oz well done Mark, second on the day was Nev Bagnall off peg 27 with 48lb 8oz and third was Terry Windsor with 44lb 5oz off peg 21.P1010038